A Pair Of Vintage Apple Sneakers Just Sold For $10,000
Holy moly.
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Header image via thenextweb.com / sneaker images via Heritage Auctions //

Think about the amount of iPhones you could get for that price…

Let’s be real, we’ve all shelled out a crazy amount of money for an Apple at one time or another, needing to be up to date with the latest trends and tech. But how many of us can say we shelled out for the latest (or in this case one of the oldest) pieces of Apple footwear? Not many of us, however a footwear fan that just spent $10,000 on the kicks can defs rep that achievement.

The vintage Apple sneaks were listed on Heritage Auctions as a used pair in a size 9.5. It went for a total of $9,687.50. The kicks were made by Apple in the early 1990s and was exclusively given out to Apple employees (that’s one hell of an employee benefit).

Check out the fresh kicks below.

March 26, 2020
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