Fashion 2y

Glue Store’s ever-expansive summer range is here, so we teamed up some of our fave mates to see it in action.

We walked into Luna Park’s wide smile for some mid-week fun… How long’s it been since you visited a $1 kissing booth? Probably too damn long, which is why we spent the arvo exploring all that the theme park has to offer. Turns out that there’s plenty of plush Powerpuff Girls, pinball machines and merry-go-rounds – going round in circles has never been so fun.

Against the colourful and warped backdrops of Luna Park, we took Ryan Ginns, Casey James, Taylor LaShea
and Nathan Jolliffe modelling the latest from Glue’s arsenal of brands including Stüssy, Ellesse, Adidas and more. Check it out below, and shop all the items on their online store:

Photos by Mitch Tomlinson Filmed by November 16, 2017
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