Photoshoot: Madison Skylar Wears Classic Italian Sportswear & Channels Bruce Lee
Big looks.
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The European sportswear revival is in full swing.

Fuelled by nostalgia and high-end, high-profile collaborations, brands like Umbro, Fila and Sergio Tacchini are enjoying the spotlight in many style circles. And while Lotto has been curiously absent from much discussion, Italian label Kappa has been at the forefront of the football resurrection.

Nowadays, Kappa is no longer reserved for football hooligans and cast members of Fat Pizza, so when we came across this dandy full tracksuit, we decided to give it a test run with powerhouse model, Madison Skylar. With its yellow base and black stripe, we can’t help but be reminded of Bruce Lee’s infamous jumpsuit – or maybe you recognise it as Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Either way, huge looks all round.

We hit the rooftop with Madison for a quick session, where she donned the tracksuit like a legend with a crop top reading ‘SUMMER’ underneath – timely, because it’s 30 degrees today, we’re wearing shorts in the office, we just bought ice cream and it feels great. See the shoot below, and see more of Madison right here:

Words by Christopher Kevin Au Photos by Mitch Tomlinson September 13, 2017
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