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Renowned artist and fellow Novocastrian Mitch Revs can now add ‘male model’ to his ever-growing list of achievements, as we put him in front of the camera with Huffer’s winter wardrobe.

While Mitch’s playful and lively aesthetic evokes memories of summer getaways and oceanside adventures, he stays busier than ever during the colder months, too. Today, he wears some of Huffer’s winter essentials including the fluffy Classic Down Jacket and compact Spray Anorak.

See Mitch in action above, shop the Huffer items right here and see our quick chat about his art and creative process below:


What are your influences and how did you develop your signature style?

Mentors and influencers are such a key part of finding your feet as an artist and developing your own unique style. Your surroundings and lifestyle play a major part in the direction your art will take. I always struggled with knowing what to paint. Reason being, I didn’t really know what I liked and what story I wanted to tell.

I knew what looked cool, and what inspired me to create but was unsure how to make my own way as an artist and be recognised for my own style – and the truth is, I never really got past that point. I just persevered and continued to look to people who inspired me for guidance. Ben Brown, Alex Pardee, Barry Magee, DC & Marvel Comics, Where’s Wally books – all of these are / were stepping stones that helped me find my way.

If you had someone visiting Newcastle for the day, where would you take them and why?

Newcastle is know for its beaches, and growing up in Merewether I spent most of my days surfing with my mates. A tour of the coast is a must! Its funny, all of the places you think you would take someone are attractions I haven’t been to in years. I couldn’t tell you the last time I skated to the end of the break wall although that probably the first thing I’d do if given the chance!

Whats ahead for Mitch Revs?

Ive been working on some personal projects this year, looking at having a solo Exhibition toward the end of 2017 – then I’ll be hitting the road and driving around Australia! We are so quick to leave our country and explore the rest of the world not known what is even around the corner.


July 5, 2017
Editors Pick