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Where can I get me some R8gzwear?

Holy hell, R8gzwear have come out of the gates with an absolute sizzler of a debut. The collection, which has only just dropped, is full of colourful patterns, skulls, a funky AF prints perfect for skating, moshing, partying – whatever floats your boat, basically. There’s even a few plain black and brown ones for the straighty-one-eighties out there, so nobody’s missing out.

The feature of this R8gzwear collection that we’re most into is the fact that they look like the kind of comfy pants you can slide into all day. They sum up their vibe as “A nod to the 80s when girls and guys gave less fucks about everything..” and frankly we have to agree with them. Check out the whole collection in the gallery above and head here to get your first pair (or two):



Words by Harry Webber November 15, 2019
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