Selvedge Grooming Launches Products Locally For Dapper Australians
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Selvedge Grooming has officially arrived Down Under, helping all of Australia’s men stay dapper, well-kempt and looking like a million bucks.

If you’re sick of constantly looking like you’re on an eternal walk to the corner store for a two litre carton of choccy milk, the Selvedge Grooming is here to give you a zesty upgrade. The Italian range of products (Italians are always making the good stuff!) includes balms, pomades and waxes which help shape your hair and/or beard to whatever style you like, all while boosting moisture and reducing breakage. Whether you subscribe to the ‘I smoke rollies and take film photographs’ facial hair stylings or a faux-hawk on your head, Selvedge have you covered.

Their range also includes face wash (that doubles as shaving cream) and gel that nourishes the skin, with all Selvedge products made from natural botanical extracts and synergistic micronutrients. We love micronutrients! Natural ingredients also mean that the products are a lot more subtle in smell. Priced at $22 to $30, the range sits at the lower price spectrum of hair and skin care products, without sacrificing quality.

You can grab Selvedge Grooming products from Australian barbershops and retailers like Mister Chop Shop and People
Hairdressing. Next time you’re getting your ears lowered, keep an eye out for these products for your daily routine:

Words by Christopher Kevin Au September 19, 2017
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