Street Style: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia
Mimi Elashiry, Imogen Anthony & more.
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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has kicked off for another year in Sydney, where labels and attendees alike can flex their latest head-turning looks.

Outside of the runway and parties, there’s no shortage of amazing outfits wandering throughout our city for the next few days. We’ve taken some snaps of our favourites so far, including monochrome checkered items on Mimi Elashiry and a bejeweled mask worn by Imogen Anthony, which is reigniting some infamous Yeezus memories. Also, can someone please confirm that it’s socially acceptable to wear bathrobes to functions in 2017? What a time to be alive.

Have a look at some of our outfit selects below, and stay tuned for more from MBFWA:

13 - Hannah Pererea - Instagram babe-1

Hannah Pererea

1 - Sarah Ellen-1

Sarah Ellen

2 - Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning-1

Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning

3 - Imogen Anthony Channeling Yeezus 2014-1

Imogen Anthony

4 - Chloe Chapman looking like daisy duke -1

Chloe Chapman

5 - Sammi Robinson - Vlogger - Gigi Hadid look alike-1

Sammi Robinson

10 - Mimi Elashiry-1

Mimi Elashiry

6 - Off Duty Models wearing robes-1

Off duty models

8 - Cartia Mallan - Vlogger - IMG -1

Cartia Mallan

9 - Shelby Hamilton - IMG model-1

Shelby Hamilton

7 - Gucci Gucci everywhere-1

Gucci footwear

11- Elenaor Pendalton - Gritty Pretty online blog-1

Elenaor Pendleton

12 - Sascha Olive and Miki Davis -1

Sascha Olive and Miki Davis

12 -Alan tsibulya - Vlogger - FAcebook Personanilty -1

Alan Tsibulya

Words by Christopher Kevin Au May 16, 2017
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