Summer Is Here! Which Means It’s Time To Check Out Brixton’s Fiddler Cap
The classic.
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Brixton’s timeless Fiddler is the perfect accompaniment to the festival season.

Even though it felt like it would never happen, summer has finally arrived. The days of partying in the sun, hitting the beach, and arvo cocktail sessions is here, and we couldn’t be more excited. But it’s not just the outdoor activities that have got us worshipping the sunshine, there’s all the fashion that comes with the warm weather, which is why we’ve got our eyes firmly locked on Brixton’s Fiddler cap.

The unisex classic not only protects your pretty head from the sun, but also looks rad, and can pretty much be worn with anything, making it the perfect summer companion. Check out the video below and get your hands on your very own Fiddler (or even one for a picky Christmas giftee) right here:

Words by Harry Webber December 6, 2018
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