Sydney Label Altamunted Teams Up With Struthless For Very Practical Longneck Holder
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Altamunted and Struthless connect for this ridiculously practical accessory.

What happens when you combine one of Sydney’s most cooked labels with one of the funniest satirical artists in the country? You get the tote bag of the future – a colourful number that will be on the wish list of any boy or girl who knows how annoying it is to purchase a longneck, only to realise that by the time you get where you’re going, it’s soaked everything in your bag.

On the collaborative longneck holder, Zach from Altamunted says that “Struth tattooed me and my best mate’s leg on his couch in Marrickville and the relationship grew from there. Both being in a similar social media industry has brought us together as mates… The totes were sewn by his girlfriend Felicity and the video was shot by our in house legend video guy Nicholas Lachowski.”

Possibly the most emotionally-charged promo ever, shot by Nicholas Lachowski.

In typical Altamunted style, the bag is 100% made in Australia and features an embroidered bottle holder and faux leather interior to stop condensation. Struthless provides yet another head-turning design with his trademark tongue-in-cheek hybrid of colour and creativity. There’s only limited numbers for sale and once they’re sold out, they’re gone. Head to Altamunted or Struthless to get your hand on one.

Words by Harry Webber February 21, 2018
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