Vans Honour American-Made Heritage With The Style 113 Pro USA ArcAd
Limited to 700 pairs worldwide.
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One of Vans’ greatest accomplishments is their ability to fuse classic, time-tested design with the convenience of modern technology, and it’s a balance they strike convincingly with the Style 113 Pro USA ArcAd.

Honouring their American-made heritage, the Style 113 Pro USA ArcAd is the first ‘Made in USA’ skate shoe from the brand in over two decades, and will be limited to 700 pairs in the whole, wide world. The shoe is composed of quality leather, suede and leather liner, which has been double-stitched at the heel and fused with a modern UltraCush HD sockliner to give your feet the snuggest fit possible.

Notably, the sole has expanded in thickness, while Vans’ famed waffle outsole remains. For those who love their detailing, each pair is individually numbered with a US manufactured stamp on the inside of the tongue and a flag waving proudly on the upper, while waxed laces add another nice textural touch. A combination of craftwork and machinery, the Style 113 Pro USA ArcAd is an eye-popping fusion of old and new, arriving in versatile black and white options.

The 700 pairs will be dropping this Saturday, July 8, so head to your local Vans store to get yourself a pair:

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July 4, 2017
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