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Alex Hayes (often literally) has the world at his feet…

Travelling the world vlogging is pretty active work. There’s all that surfing, skydiving, snorkelling (can you really call that work?!) and 21-year-old action man Alex Hayes knows all too well how it takes dedication to get the job done. The influencer has amassed a tidal-wave-sized following on social media, with people addicted to his energy, positivity and cheeky sense of humour.

We linked up with Calvin Klein to test out their Performance range with Alex, who wears bold army green and white tees, along with the red-spattered reflective tee, with no shortage of that iconic CK branding. Whether he’s skipping his heart out or slaying the punching bag, it’s clear that the Calvin Klein Performance range is a comfy AF fit for the young man.

Fancy yourself as the adventurous type? Head here to shop everything Calvin Klein:

Direction and Photography: Life Without Andy / Mitchell Tomlinson
Video: Sam Page
Model: Alex Hayes
Music: Kimono Drag Queens
Styling: Isabelle Mamas
Make Up: Nadine Monley
Production: LWA

November 27, 2019
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