11 Times Punters Threw Things On Stage And It Got Heavy
The good and the bad.
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After Shannon Noll’s expletive laden outburst on the weekend at a fan who threw a beer at him, we thought we’d take a look at some other times artists copped it on stage and the different ways the dealt with it.

I’ve never understood people who throw stuff at performers at gigs. A lot of the time it seems that they are usually just wasted losers who are jealous or bored of the artist and think that this will make them seem cool to their mates, often not recognising that a) the artist will most likely not appreciate it, and b) they may be singled out and cop a berating – as we saw at the Shannon Noll gig.

That’s not to say that sometimes the artists don’t mind (as we will see later), but it’s widely considered a dick move and while it may not necessarily warrant Nollsie threatening to bang your missus and your mum, you can’t complain when you’re dumb enough to try and hurt someone who’s only trying to make a living entertaining people. You’d be pissed off you were working away at your desk/checkout and some kook threw a bottle at you, wouldn’t you?

From the good, the bad and the ugly (and the hilarious) here’s some classic ‘throwing shit at artist’ moments:

Don’t Fuck With Nollsie

To be honest these days Shannon Noll is so ripped you’d have to be crazy to try and mess with him. Nollsie has since apologised for his outburst which was pretty heavy, though getting hit in the head with a full beer could do some serious damage and potentially even damage his ability to sing, which would obviously be tragic.

A Classic Catch

John Coffey lead singer David Achter de Molen makes a one-in-a-million catch here and provides one of the most amazing ‘throwing shit at artists’ moments of all time. A few inches either way and it could have been a different story.


Josh Homme Lays Down The Law

There’s quite a collection of Josh Homme berating fans who throw shit at him online. To be honest this is probably the most chilled one you’re likely to come across from the don’t-take-shit-from-no-one QOTSA frontman – it’s also worth revisiting this live set anyways.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em… With Greenday

Nothing says appreciation like throwing mud at someone, whether it be at a gig, on Mother’s Day or even when saying thanks to your dentist/mechanic, mud always works. Here we see the band realise that they don’t have the numbers to fight back against the barrage of projectiles so they just cop it… kinda.


Poor Ol’ Nickelback

Already one of the world’s most hated bands, you kinda feel sorry for Chad Kroeger and his group of merry Canadians. It seems like Portuguese fans at this show had little sympathy for them and genuinely preferred to throw shit than seeing their interpretation of ‘rock.’


Axl Rose Stops The Show

After copping some sort of weird fin-looking projectile, Guns and Roses frontman Axl Rose requests an interpreter comes on stage to help him let the audience know that it isn’t cool to fuck with him while he’s doing his thing.


Manson Has A Good Aim

It’s pretty rare that you see an artist invite someone up on stage to continue throwing things at them. In fact, this is probably the only time this has ever happened. Here all the shock-rocker is asking for is an even playing field, and he doesn’t miss his chance when it comes around.

Harry Styles Is Confused

Out of all the projectiles on this list, a bra is without doubt the most harmless. There are much larger compilation videos of this happening to Harry Styles but we’re guessing this one was from earlier in his career before he had learnt how to deal with what would become a very regular occurrence for him.


Jim Morrison Not Looking For A Toothpick

The Doors frontman, known for his love of psychedelics is not super appreciative when a fan throws a measly looking joint his way. Where’s the respect?

Lil’ Wayne Takes The ‘High Road’

Here at Jumanji Festival in Sydeny, Lil’ Wayne nearly cops a bottle to the face and let’s the audience know that, had it occurred in the states, there would have been a very different reaction.


No Violence For Skrillex

Having just received a bruise (sad reacts only) from a can, Skrillex cuts the show to give it back to a fan for a while. Somehow everything that comes out of his mouth seems a little wimpy and I feel like the punter would be more likely to be embarrassed than scared by the DJ.


Words by Harry Webber July 9, 2018
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