Celine Dion And John Farnham Duet Last Night Was Pretty Heavy
Kinda weird.
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Image by Brian Purnell //

Two iconic singers collided on stage last night at during Celine Dion’s Melbourne show.

As was widely reported last week, Canadian hit-maker Celine Dion had been covering John Farnham’s ‘The Voice’ whilst on her massive arena tour, and last night Farnesy himself joined her on stage to perform a rousing version of the track. Though it was aweseome to see them bang out the hit,there was some weird vibes if we’re being honest.

No doubt the talented pair are capable vocal shredsmiths, but there was some parts in this video below that felt a bit off. Like at 02:23 when they each seem to go at the same line at a different time. Is this important? Not really. Was it a bit weird? Yeah.

After the performance of the 1986 hit the two go on to heap praise on each other, which is fully normal, only this goes on for about 5 minutes, which was pretty awkward and painfully long. Also, we’ve never noticed Celine has such a heavy accent which further caught us off guard. And then there’s the part at 08:40 you can also hear someone in the crowd say, “Do you know who that was?”

*Disrespecting John Farnham is like disrespecting the troops – you just don’t do it in this country – so it’s important we note that our lord Farnsey is not too blame to for the weird feeling we got when viewing this, but it did feel weird. Didn’t it?

Words by Harry Webber August 9, 2018
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