Daniel Johns & Luke Steele’s DREAMS Drop Another Single, ‘Silence’
Plus, they just performed at Coachella.
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Daniel Johns & Luke Steele have dropped another single from their polarising project DREAMS, this time titled ‘Silence.’

Following on from their debut single ‘No One Defeats Us,’ Johns & Steele connect over dancefloor-worthy production and sing their way through ‘Silence,’ in a clip dominated by rapidly flashing colours and close-ups of the duo. Steele says that the song “came to us after the Charlottesville riots… It broke our hearts to see the violence and hatred that occurred. We wanted this song to elevate the people, let their voices be heard, inspire them with courage and bravery.”


DREAMS performed the track at Coachella over the weekend, and will be playing their first Australian shows at VIVID Live in May. For a little taste of what to expect, see DREAMS in California below:

April 16, 2018
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