Diplo’s Country Album Is On The Way
Fifty worlds colliding.
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The album we didn’t know we needed…

It’s literally impossible to define Diplo, to summarise the type of genre he is. He’s constantly in a state of flux, cycling through countless genres through his various projects and constantly pushing the boundaries.

Lately, he’s been tinkering with his real name, Thomas Wesley, in typical cowboy style by releasing the country/ rap track ‘Heartless’ (which is straight fire don’t @ me). But now, perhaps taking on his biggest challenge, it looks like ol’ mate Tommo is about to release a full length country album.

Captioning the post with “heartless just went double platinum, crossed a 100 million on Spotify and has about a 100 billion spins on tiktok… gonna put out the next thomas wesley single soon and album”.

I mean fair enough, “Heartless” is a total banger and fans seem to be eating up, so it makes sense to drop a full length album.

But for now, if you haven’t heard Thomas Wesley get his rootin’, tootin’ cowboy on, have a suss of “Heartless” below, and make sure to get those cowboy boots ready for when this album drops…

March 26, 2020
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