Ed Sheeran Just Sneakily Performed For Crowds In A Melbourne Laneway
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While Ed Sheeran’s currently in the country to perform in the biggest stadiums we have to offer, things have taken a more intimate turn in Melbourne this morning.

A few hours ago, fans were informed that Sheeran would be heading to Hosier Lane in the CBD, for a performance that would be streamed back to the iHeartRadio Awards in Los Angeles. The message sent out to attendees warned that there would be no vaping and no revealing clothing, as well as the warning that Sheeran’s security team “don’t muck around.” What a fun atmosphere!

Sheeran performed just one song before proclaiming that he was going back to bed, with the anthem being ‘Perfect’ from his last album Divide. And while the rules stipulated that there would also be no phones or photos, punters did it anyway – because really, what’s the point of attending a guerilla Ed Sheeran show if you can’t flex on Instagram or get a blurry photo of the singer for the memories:

Ed Sheeran will be playing much, much, much larger venues along the East Coast in the coming days.

March 12, 2018
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