Eminem Brings A “Mom’s Spaghetti” Restaurant To Coachella
Serving up pasta aplenty.
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When Eminem dropped ‘Lose Yourself’ back in 2002, we doubt that he could’ve anticipated the popularity of two little words on the track: Mom’s spaghetti.

The phrase has become one of the most heavily quoted from Eminem’s expansive catalogue, and the Detroit rapper capitalised on this with his own Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant in Detroit. Now, a pop-up edition of the eatery has set up shop at Coachella, where Eminem is headlining the event alongside The Weeknd and Beyonce.

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According to the LA Times, “you can get a take-out container of spaghetti ($9), add meatballs ($12) or get a spaghetti sandwich ($11), which is basically three forkfuls of pasta and a couple rounds of mozzarella between slices of garlic bread” at Mom’s Spaghetti, which is also serving up exclusive merchandise paying homage to another iconic Eminem hit, ‘Stan.’

Additionally, they note that “there’s something nostalgic about the way the noodles are the opposite of al dente.”

Eminem is about to close Weekend One of Coachella – see some images of Mom’s Spaghetti below:

Images by Luis Sinco

April 16, 2018
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