Five Fresh Tracks To Dip Into This Weekend
Presented by Jim Beam.
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Gimme, gimme, gimme.

Has work been killing you this week? Or are you still locking down? Either way, a good dose of new music might be the perfect cure. It is, after all, Friday; the day that was (according to a Wikipedia search) named after the Roman goddess Venus and also the day where the gods send us a bunch of new music to enjoy all weekend and maybe beyond. Here are five tracks that have just dropped for you to dig into this weekend, presented by Jim Beam.

Peter Bibby – ‘Calcium’

Stop what you’re doing and go listen to WA crooner Peter Bibby’s third LP, Marge right now. Along with the album, Bibby’s also gifted us this creamy new video for ‘Calcium’, that sees him slow things down and enter ballad-mode following on from the full-throttle jam ‘Whyalla’. It’s a nice change of pace, with Bibby reminding us that he’s equally capable of plucking our heartstrings as he is revving our rock engines.

“I wrote this song on the back porch of a mate’s place in Mt Lawley. I remember having read a lot of mumbo jumbo about the dairy industry at the time. The lyrics felt silly but the tune felt so nice to sing. Engineer Mitch pulled a real shifty on me and put my guitar solo in reverse, resulting in me being a happy boy,” Bibby says of the track.

biblemami – ‘death support’

Echoing acts like Portishead and Massive Attack, 16-year-old Canberran singer-songwriter biblemami has dealt out a dose of melancholy pop that is way beyond her years in the form of ‘death support’. Following on from her debut single ‘act ur age’ back in March, she’s further opened herself with this one, which lyrically centres around a toxic relationship.

Timi Temple – ‘Snakes & Ladders’

Sydney DIY indie-psych lord and self-professed snek (pronounced snake) obsessor, Timi Temple has been busy during lockdown. For his latest single he painted a Guinness world record-sized Snakes & Ladders game that was 100 metres squared. And with that massive endeavour comes a tasty track that combines flanged-out guitars, plenty of groove and some ever-so-poignant Temple vocals that will be swimming around in your head all weekend. Check it:

Sunfruits – ‘Bonsoy’

Melbourne psych-pop outfit Sunfruit have just dropped a typically punchy, upbeat and slightly obscure track. It’s got a bit of country twang to it as the group document the benefits of their much-loved milk of choice, ‘Bonsoy’. Definitely the sunniest track you’ll hear on this list (and maybe ever), it’s a nod to the simple things in life that we often take for granted. Drink it up:

Kwame – ‘Tommy’s In Trouble’

Linking up with the unmistakable CLYPSO and the infallible Phil Fresh, Sydney’s Kwame drops a track, that is really two track; one a more chilled 90s New York vibe, the other a powerful blast where he and Phil cut loose. It’s taken from his forthcoming EP Please, Get Home Safe, due out Friday October 30th.

September 18, 2020
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