Five Local Tracks We Can’t Stop Listening To
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Words by Amar Gera / Kimono Drag Queens Image by From The Pitt

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How are you all going? Starting to get out and get a little bit of sun in a socially-distanced fashion? Us too, and we’ve been blasting some gorgeous tunes while doing it. And since you all dug our ten local tracks that we’d been listening to a couple weeks back, we thought we’d come through again to give you the low down on who we’ve been bumping on repeat in these strange times. There’s plenty to go around, and a little bit of everything in the collection we have for you today.

Check it below.

Kimono Drag Queens – ‘Willy’s World’

Sydney-based psych outfit Kimono Drag Queens are true wizards in the Sydney music scene, consistently delivering immersive soundscapes that push the bounds of any genre they decide to grace with their touch. ‘Willy’s World’ is no different, the six minute track a surrealist journey into the psyche. Listening to the tune is like having a bunch of psychedelic rockers hijack your space shuttle (pretend we’re like 100 years into the future where space shuttle hijackings are a thing), steering you off your present course into the beautiful unknown. It’s unpredictable, euphoric and totally entrancing. Definitely check it out.

Georgia June – ‘Baby Blue’

Sydney DIY quintet Georgia June are an overflow of good vibes and enchantment, their tunes striking this wicked balance between super fun and cathartic (with a little stardust sprinkled in for good measure). Performing at everything from Falls Festival to Secret Garden and Bad Friday, the Sydney outfit have proven themselves to be an absolute delight on-and-off stage. Their latest track ‘Baby Blue’ is uplifting, mellow and impossible to get out of your head. Georgia’s vocals are as on point and refreshing as always, helping to bring a little levity and magic to your social-distancing. If you’re in love as much as we are, you should definitely check out our 21 With… with them.

As you can see they’ve got us under their spell, and they’ll have you under it soon as well.

Evangeline – ‘Bad Parties’ ft. Julius

Melbourne electro-pop princess Evangeline has been grinding away on the Aussie music scene for a while now, delivering quality tracks like ‘CHEMICVL’ and ‘My Kingdom’ that are an overflow of lush sonics and moody elixir. The art she curates is totally uncompromising, with her unfiltered self coming through in spades as she churns out tune after tune. ‘Bad Parties’ ft. JULIUS is a melting part of magic, darkness, sunlight, pop, R&B and fifty other things that are held together by the strength of her vision. LA rapper JULIUS’ verse totally slaps as well, opening his verse with the bar ‘No more parties in LA’, which will grab any Kanye fan’s attention from the jump. The pair are a dynamite duo, and the track is equally as explosive.

The Beths – ‘I’m Not Getting Excited’

Kiwi indie-pop outfit The Beths are a proper force to be reckoned with, their debut album Future Me Hates Me garnering universal acclaim for it’s deep exploration into themes of anxiety and self-doubt, while assualting us with cathartic pop choruses and backing vocals. They’re in no short supply of all of the above, and that’s more than clear on the first taste from their upcoming album Jump Rope Gazers, out July 10. ‘I’m Not Getting Excited’ sees the four piece come through with a bursting track that tackles imposter syndrome and all the anxiety it entails. Filming the clip for the tune during the first month of lockdown in New Zealand, it brings to life a lot of the restlessness and madness that we’ve all become accustomed to over the past couple months. It’s a super cool snapshot of life in lockdown, with the driving guitars and unpredictable melodies more than holding their own.

Ninajirachi – ‘Blumiere’

Central Coast producer and overall megastar Ninajirachi continues to drop intriguing and unique house bops that are a supernova of electronica, with Nina’s organic sounds and arrangements crafting a fully immersive experience. ‘Blumiere’ keeps up this trend and then some, going from super soothing ballad to hard hitting house bumper that lights up virtual dance floors and Zoom parties whenever it’s played. Such a dope track, we can’t recommend it enough.

We hope you enjoy all of those! We have so much local talent putting out great tunes right now, and they more than deserve the love. Be sure to watch out for our next drop of local tracks, you won’t wanna miss it.


May 20, 2020
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