Five Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir
As told by the group themselves.
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We recently stumbled across Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir and decided we had to dig a little deeper.

Having built a reputation around the Melbourne club circuit for their eclectic live show, which is part church and part club, it seemed only a matter of time before Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir would make their way to more mainstream audiences. With their first big festival date (Wine Machine in the Yarra Valley) coming up in April, they are about to unleash the joy that is their music onto the world – whether we’re ready or not.

Lead by Melbourne club staple, DJ Sunshine, the group may have caught your attention when they posted a video of what appears to be an early morning (or late night) at the infamous Revolver nightclub a little while back. Below, you can see a euphoric audience completely absorbed by their formidable combination of slick beats and huge vocals, which gives you an idea of just what you can expect at a S&TDFC live show.

You can catch the group performing this weekend at 170 Russell this Sunday (info here), and check out below where DJ Sunshine tells us five things we didn’t know about the collective:

1. The meaning of Disco Faith and where the name came from:

Disco Faith means the merging of the Disco and Faith. For lots of people the dance floor is their faith. It also refers to the music we perform which is a mixture of music from the disco eg techno, house etc mixed with gospel inspired vocals. My boyfriend Brett came up with the name Disco Faith a few years ago.

2. Food is the most important thing on our rider:

We all love food and working with a big group its important everyone has energy for the shows or rehearsals and of course you don’t want anyone to get hangry haha.

3. We are a big family:

There’s lots of love and support in our group and I’m really passionate about building a community of people who are love being apart of the project and are nurtured to be the best artists they can be.

4. Backstage at our shows is like a kids playground:

In the hours leading up to our performances the room is filled with sequins, glitter, face paint and everyone’s making themselves look stage ready.

5. We all love dogs – Everyone in the choir is a dog lover:

We’ve even been talking about how awesome it would be to do a live performance for dogs. We could all dress up in dog costumes and create a set especially for dogs and their owners. How much fun would that be!!!

Words by Harry Webber March 8, 2019
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