Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
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We’re getting to that pointy end of the year now. Whether it be assessments piling up, deadlines itching closer or just being flooded with a ridiculous amount of work, it’s all getting a bit bloody intense. We’re all doing our best of course, all grinding our little hearts out, so, I reckon we deserve a break. And what better way to unwind than listening to some gorgeous tracks by your favourite local artists? Luckily for you, we’re back again with another five tasty tunes to wrap your ears around, so, what are you waiting for?

Check it below.

Human Movement – ‘Waiting’

Human Movement (real name Edward Mcdonald) has charged forth with crazy momentum in the last couple of years, his transportive live shows matching the ferocity of his artistry with sublime ease. He crafts these mind-melding tunes that are totally sick and badass, but at the same time illuminated with this unspoken emotion, as if the Sydney producer is literally pouring his heart out into his DAW for all of us to indulge in. That very dichotomy comes through in spades on ‘Waiting’, the tune a total religious experience that’ll convert any non-believer. The Sydney producer dips his brush in various colours as he paints soothing drum patterns and hype-centric key lines (all with a thousand intricacies us mortals aren’t skilled enough to notice), manifesting an otherworldly banger whose shape and feeling changes with every listen.

It’s the slow burn that burns brightest, and ‘Waiting’ is a steady, inescapable inferno, devouring all in its path in the name of transcendent sonics. Definitely check it out.

EUCA – ‘Not Champagne’

Sometimes… we get off on the way upcoming artists craft gorgeous, confessional tunes capable of soothing the soul. This is another one of those times, with Gold Coast singer-songwriter EUCA burning bright on her debut single ‘Not Champagne’. Singing about the confusion and overall shittiness that comes from heartbreak, the Brisbane storyteller takes us on her journey to find clarity in the wake of loss and destruction. That hook is so damn satisfying too, as she proclaims she’s “not champagne”, but “white wine”, holding us hostage with those heart-arresting harmonies. From her perfectly balanced blend of folk and rock to those vivid, intricate lyrics, the tune as a whole has this timeless vibe that’s absolutely delicious. It could’ve been released decades into the past, or centuries into the future, but it wouldn’t matter. It’ll never grow old or lose its emotional resonance, only age like the finest of wines (white wine in this case).

Groove City – ‘This Evening’

Chuck on your roller-skates and some audacious AF threads, Sydney’s Groove City are taking you back to the glory days of disco. And they’re doing it in the most innovative way possible, the two funk-lords getting creative in Stage Four lockdown to produce one of the most unique videos of the year. The result is an interactive, screen-jumping disco club that takes all of the burning desire from the dance floors we miss ever so dearly, and splashes it onto our phones. Aside from the stellar video, the boys manage to come through with some beautifully lush production as well (that bassline gives me life!), along with some kick ass vocals that capture that addictive 80s stardust, charitably spreading it much to our delight.

In the words of Groove City: Let that music get inside your soul! But while you’re at it, you should definitely let the funk-lords rock your world. You gotta check them out.

Annie Hamilton – ‘Californian Carpark Concrete’

Sydney singer-songwriter Annie Hamilton wades through waves of isolation on ‘Californian Carpark Concrete’, taking us by the hand as she ventures from the dark and quiet to the bright and electric. As usual, Annie blesses us with those emotionally-charged vocals we’ve come to expect from her, soundtracking our journeys within as we reflect on the moments that have shaped our lives. The tune also features some unfurling instrumentation super vivid in its delivery, capturing the harsh beauty of the most dangerous but alluring of landscapes. The tune as a whole is just a wonderful meditation on life, vulnerability and catharsis, and with every listen it just gets more and more explosive.

If her angelic & ethereal vocals don’t have you hooked, then her honest lyricism will. Definitely check it out.

MID CITY – ‘Liar Liar’

Clean off those vocal cords and prepare to lose them for an eternity, as Melbourne’s MID CITY is here to turn your world upside down. ‘Liar Liar’ sees the four-piece capture the glory of 2000s indie rock (an era that gets nowhere near the praise it deserves) and put a gorgeous 2020 spin on it, busting out some wicked guitars and slaughtering drums, all overflowing with golden rowdiness. The concoction of instrumentation perfectly sets the stage for those punchy AF vocals to enter, indulging in a cheeky game of call and response for all of us to enjoy. Singing about the conflict within and the struggle to get a handle on one’s demons, the group come through with an anthemic banger that would murder any arena or stadium, and would no doubt make for one of the craziest mosh pits in existence (we miss them dearly). Definitely check it out.

Words by Amar Gera October 14, 2020
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