Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
So dope.
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So much love for our local acts…

Keeping the Aussie music scene alive in the midst of a global pandemic is no easy feat, but local acts make it look easy. Beautiful, lush tunes are being dropped by homegrown artists each and ever day, and they more than deserve some love and appreciation for their efforts. We’re truly in amazing hands across all the genres, whether it be rock, hip hop, R&B or pop. Aussie artists can do it all, and they’re gorgeous proof of why our music scene is so damn special. We’re back with another five tracks by local artists for all of you lovely people today and as usual, we’re spoiled for choice.

Check it below.

Young Franco – ‘Two Feet’ ft. Pell & Dana Williams

Brisbane wonder-kid Young Franco continues to make a mark for himself as one of the most dynamic producers in the Aussie music scene, constantly pushing the limits with his signature brand of funk and good vibes. Hot off getting a gold accreditation for his house smash ‘Miss You’ with Maribelle (AKA Vetta Borne), Franco comes through with a carefree hip hop gem in ‘Two Feet’. Featuring ‘Juice’ collaborator Pell and Dana Williams, the tune sees Franco continue to display his mastery in the art of collaboration, curating a colourful, refined beat that perfectly sets the stage for Pell and Dana Williams to kill it with their respective hooks & verses. From Pell’s lyrical bullets to Williams’ honey drenched vocals, the pair truly flourish with the help of Franco’s playful instrumentation, capturing funk-infused sunshine and concentrating it into their own two feet. The tune has got what we need, and by god, it’s so very sweet. Definitely check it out.

The Nights – ‘Closer’

Sydney EDM-trio The Nights are true dark horses in the EDM scene, crafting lush electro-bangers that touch upon progressive, house, techno and numerous more genres, but in the most refreshing and beautiful way possible. ‘Closer’ is an amalgamation of everything The Nights have been doing the last couple of years, all concentrated into a shimmering meditation on distance, uncertainty and the sanctity of human connection. With the help of vocal samples from Roniit and Aloma Steele, the tune takes on a life of its own, becoming a self-aware entity that tracks every instinct of the listener, while injecting them with the sweet elixir of dance and spirit. Basically, if the world was ending and you had to choose one song to play while holding your loved ones tight, ‘Closer’ would be it. It’s not an easy thing to craft a tune so transportive that all other worries vanish and evaporate, but then again, The Nights are groove shamans, wizards of the beat. And ‘Closer’ is proof that there’s almost nothing they can’t do.

Vera Blue – ‘Lie To Me’

Vera Blue is a total goddess in every sense of the word, having easily the most beautiful vocal tone in existence along with a crazy huge range. She’s also a badass songwriter and musician, displaying a musical prowess second to none through her effortless jumps from folk to pop and EDM. She can really do it all, and she’s one of the country’s greatest exports. ‘Lie To Me’ sees her recruit a steady beat decorated with colourful inflections and transcendent harmonies, striking at the heart of nirvana and purity. The last verse is pure magic as well, with gorgeous vocal acrobatics and melismas sprinkled throughout, all before reigning back it in for that ecstasy-filled finale. Also special shoutout to that super satisfying baseline, tingling with pure, unadulterated funk. I don’t think anyone would dare try lie to Vera, her art able to touch upon the deepest levels of the human spirit.

Grenade Jumper – ‘The Power You Flaunted’

Sydney four-piece Grenade Jumper dig deep and wade through all of the grime, distrust and malevolence characteristic of disconnection, emerging with a nuanced alt-rock smash in ‘The Power You Flaunted’. Embodying the raw, IDGAF attitude inherent to the punk genre, the soul-scorchers double down on all of the frustration and betrayal that stems from the collapsing of musical heroes, making for a killer banger coloured with serious meaning. They craft glorious riffs atop floor-to-the-floor rhythms with total ease, more than honouring pioneers like The Smashing Pumpkins and The Strokes, all while carving out their own artistic identity. It’s a killer track in ever sense of the word. Definitely check it out.

rachad – ‘Best Friend’

Sydney singer-songwriter Rachad flexes his insatiable vocals on us in ‘Best Friend’, the Canadian-born talent channeling all the sensuality of Drizzy, Weeknd and Bieber into a lush R&B bop. Singing about that burning desire to love and be loved in 2020, the young OG croons with a golden-age vibrancy that’s ever so alluring, totally enchanting us with endless breeze and steeze. We also gotta mention that banging outro, elevating the song to a completely new level with a fast-paced drum pattern and overflow of effects. The tune is straight up dope, definitely get on it and rachad now.

Words by Amar Gera September 17, 2020
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