Interview: Andy Golledge On Being A “Signed Artist”, Partying With Bikers And His Debut EP ‘Namoi’
EP out today!
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It feels like “the industry” was the last to catch onto the Inner West’s worst kept secret.

If you’ve done your time in the bars and pubs of Newtown through to Marrickville, chances are you’ll have come across one or two (or both) incarnations of Andy Golledge: sweeping the smoking area for glasses as the humble barman, or leading a pack of sweaty, often scantily clad, musicians in raucous performance. In both iterations, the Tamworth-born folk-flavoured singer-songwriter seems at completely at home, though it’s the stage-commanding balladeer version of Andy Golledge that is (finally) attracting a tonne of buzz right now.

Signing to Sydney label I Oh You (DMA’S, Violent Soho) last year, Golledge has since released a string of singles, introducing listeners around the country to his unmistakable vocals and painstakingly honest lyricism. His EP Namoi is evidence of a songwriter who knows his strengths and how to draw on them in a way that reaches out to every ear in the room and invites us along for the ride, heartbreak and all.

Golledge and his band will be playing shows in Melbourne (March 21st) and Sydney (March 28th) as part of the Namoi launch. If you haven’t caught him live yet, we highly recommend it. And if you have, we’ll see you there again. For now, chuck on Namoi and check out our interview with Andy below (buy/stream here):

So you’re a Tamworth native, is it naive of us to think that that’s where the Americana/country influences began?

If you consider artists like Dylan, Springsteen & Young (to name a few) Americana/Country than yeah, I guess so, but it wasn’t until I left Tamworth that I got into full-blown country. I’m not sure what classifies as “Americana”, I feel like it’s such a broad genre. I’d like to think our music is more “Dad-Rock meets Alt-Country”.

‘Run To The River’ is such a beautifully shot clip. Can you tell us about how it came together? Was it your concept? What attracted you to that story?

Johann [I Oh You] and I were looking for a production team for the clip, so we cast the net out but none of the ideas that came back really hit the mark. It’s such a personal song, written for my brother who was going through a hard time, so I really wanted the clip to reflect that. So I decided to write the treatment; a story of re-connection between old friends/brothers/father and son – whatever the viewer sees in it. Then we chose the approach that was visually what we needed and worked together with the production team to storyboard appropriately.

You’re a familiar face in the Newtown/Marrickville pub scene, what’s the best part about slinging beers? Other than having great spots to shoot videos at…

I’d have to say the connections you make with people from all walks of life, I’ve made lifelong friends and even met members of the AGB whilst slingin’ schoons.

If the AG band were a round of drinks, what would each one be?

Caitlin Harnett – Westy Margarita (tequila + solo).
Leroy Lee – IPA
Nick Ryan – Red Red Wine
Josh Piltz – Cider
Andy Golledge – Whatever you’re having

But tbh we’ll drink whatever.

You’ve been wowing crowds in the Inner West for a few years now, what was it like to sign to I Oh You and get that industry recognition?

I feel very proud of myself, which is something I’d never thought I’d say. I really want a long, healthy career in music and I feel so excited to be working with I Oh You. The recognition is a very welcome bonus, I wasn’t looking for it.

What’s changed since becoming a “signed artist”?

Not a whole lot has changed, I think that’s the great thing about working with I Oh You. They work with you because they dig who you already are and what your music represents. They work to help you be the best you can be. Also, the stress of not having to deal with releases and planning on your own is amazing.

What is Namoi? Can you tell us why you named the EP this?

The Namoi River is a major perennial river that is part of the Barwon catchment of the Murray–Darling Basin. The imagery of ‘Run To The River’ is set here, it’s a place that my family’s gone for years, and a place I’ve always gone fishing with my brother, who I wrote the song for. Like many of our rivers, the Namoi has seen better days, but there’s actually more water flowing through it this week after parts being bone dry for over 2 years. Seems kind of fortuitous just a few days ahead of the EP being released.

Your live shows are notoriously wild. What’s the craziest thing to happen on stage at an AG show?

The time I befriended a bunch of bikers at the Sando, who showed up to my show a few days later and force fed me pingas for my whole set. It was a heavy evening, but who’s gonna say no to biker?!

Have you ever got in trouble with promoters/venue managers etc?

If you’re wild enough and nice enough you can get away with anything!

What else is coming up in 2020?

2020 is shaping up to be a big year, with the EP tour in March/April, some festivals thrown in there, and hopefully the release of more music! We’ve got a bunch to share, so saddle up!

Words by Harry Webber February 7, 2020
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