Interview: Matka & Cache One dish on Clubhouse, their new two-stage outdoor rave
Rap and left-field club vibes at a secret inner-West location.
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Soak up the summer breeze this weekend as local party lords Low Ton and Honey take things into the open air, with a huge indoor/outdoor, two-stage dance party – Clubhouse – at a secret inner-West Sydney location (and p.s. the event is pre-sale only so get your tickets now).

The rap and left-field club vibes are strong with this one, with artists from both Melbourne and Sydney coming through, including Airmax 97, Body Promise, Jalé, Matka, Chanel.Deejay, Sezzo Snot and a tonne more gold (check the full line up HERE). Expect some powerful sets that will make your body move. Ahead of the event, LWA go in deeper with the curators, Matka from Honey and Cache One from Low Ton, who share some Clubhouse warm-up selections.

LWA: Who is behind Clubhouse?

Matka: It’s a collab between our two events. Honey is about playing music by femme and GNC artists and we’ve been putting on parties since 2015.

Cache One: Low Ton have been throwing rap and club nights and in Sydney for the last two years.

Give us a bit of background on the origin of the Clubhouse idea, what was your motivation behind starting the night?

Cache One: We both have a bit of experience with throwing parties and gigs in venues but we’d never done anything outside of that world – Clubhouse just spawned from wanting to try something new!

Matka: And we both love rap and club music so this was an excuse to get our favourite Sydney and Melbourne acts together.

Who are the night’s artist highlights for you both?

Cache One: Sophie Grophy is a rapper from Melbourne who we’re super excited about – this will be her first Sydney show so don’t miss out!

Matka: Slim Set is one of the funnest live acts to watch – we saw them murder the Father support last month and no doubt they’ll do the same at this party. And everyone knows I’m obsessed with Melbourne-via-Brisbane DJ Sezzo Snot. Who else can play Dominican techno and filthy rap in the same set?

Will there be more Clubhouse parties coming in 2017?

Cache One: Potentially! This is the trial party :-)

What Australian artist are you backing right now? 

Cache One: Slim Set – Sydney’s finest!

Matka: Habits (thot goth is the sound of 2017!).
Top three tracks to get everyone in the mood for Clubhouse?

Slim Set – Nomad

Sophie Grophy – Plain Shot

Missy Elliott – I’m Better (Air Max ’97 Retread)

February 15, 2017
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