Interview: R&B Singer Jessica Jade Drops Smooth, Defiant Debut Single ‘I’m Good’
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Words by Christopher Kevin Au // Image by Cameron Oates

Coming direct from South-West Sydney, R&B singer Jessica Jade has just dropped her first single and music video with ‘I’m Good.’

The 18-year-old artist has spent years covering her favourite songs on YouTube and social media, getting plenty of online traction and reaching viral status on a handful of occasions. However, debut single ‘I’m Good’ marks a whole new chapter of her career. It’s a smooth R&B jam with enough groove to get dancefloors moving, and defiant lyrics that will resonate with independent women across the globe.

With ‘I’m Good’ still only a few days old, we caught up with Jessica Jade to talk about the track, Instagram etiquette and her quintessential clubbing anthems of the year:

Congratulations on your new single ‘I’m Good.’ What has been the response been like so far?

Thank you! The response has been amazing so far, my previous fan base has been showing a lot of love to the track and I’m learning a lot from the responses.

You said that you tampered with a few tracks before deciding to release ‘I’m Good’ as your first single. Why this one, and why now?

I’m extremely critical and picky of how I want my songs to be and my projects to turn out, especially when it comes to writing. I kinda just decided that I need to learn how to be transparent to my music, so releasing ‘I’m Good’ is more of a learning process then anything. I’m also at a really weird point in my life where I’m still trying to understand and perceive the world, so whenever I’m having a mental block or a meltdown – no matter what the situation – I’m constantly telling myself, ‘I’m Good.’

The song just felt like the perfect vibe to show people how I’m feeling as a fresh 18 year old trying to live my life. Hence why I say, “I got a screw loose, a shawty still growing, a little bit of everything.”


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Tell us about the inspiration behind ‘I’m Good’ – is it based on real life events or just situations girls can relate to?

‘I’m Good’ is based on real life events! But I definitely knew it was a subject that a lot of girls could relate to. The song isn’t just about an ex-boyfriend or a guy that won’t leave you alone. It’s about believing in yourself, that you are the fucking shit and nobody can take what you make for yourself.

I wanted the song to feel like it was a part of other people lives, which is also why it’s not just me in the cover art, this song is a collective project for all girls.

You have one line about seeing someone ‘creep on Instagram.’ What are your top three rules for good Instagram etiquette?

1) Follow me on Instagram.
2) Be an active follower.
3) If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it?

You are in a bit of an unusual position because you have an existing fanbase from covers before releasing your debut single. What was the first song you covered, and when did you notice that you were gaining serious traction from them?

I’ve been posting covers for so long now. When I was around 10 years old, I uploaded a cover of ‘If I Were A Boy’ by Beyonce. That is one of the first songs I ever remember posting… I filmed a spontaneous cover of ‘Broken-Hearted Girl’ by Beyonce right before I left for Schoolies, and never once looked at the views until I came back home – I now have over a million views and thousands of shares. That tripped me out the most, though posting covers has never made me feel like I’m really fulfilling my potential as an artist.

If you could choose one artist to cover ‘I’m Good,’ who would it be?

Kehlani for sure, I could picture her voice easily on this track!

pop it let it bang

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Have you thought about doing R&B/rap crossover tracks? Who are some local rappers that you’d like to work with?

Yes of course! I love the FreeSouls boys, they represent the South-West well, and are definitely one of the reasons why I continue to do so.

On a weekend, which Sydney clubs do you frequent? What’s the first five songs you want to hear as soon as you hit the dance floor?

I’m still pretty fresh to the whole club scene in Sydney! But I would say Club Tings and Trill. For tracks, I gotta say ‘Bruk Off Yuh Back’ by Konshens, ‘Gyal You A Party Animal’ by Charly Black, ‘Bodak Yellow’ by Cardi B and anything Chronixx.

You recently covered ‘Rockstar’ by Post Malone. His upcoming album is called ‘Beer Bongs & Bentleys’ – Are you into either of those things?

I actually hate drinking, but one of the times I did love it was when I drank out of a beer bong, it was such a YTB moment. I really don’t know shit about Bentleys, but I hear a lot of rappers talk about it, so I guess I am into it.

What’s on the cards for Jessica Jade for the rest of 2017?

I’m actually a part of a YouTube series called The Sharespace which I’ll be participating in until the beginning of November. But for the rest of the year, I’ll also be preparing and creating my next project which we will be an EP! So stay woke.

Said lil bitch

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October 11, 2017
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