Interview: Tracking The Rise Of Brisbane Punk Force VOIID
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VOIID are unstoppable at the moment.

Amassing thousands and thousands of Spotify streams, jumping on support slots with Clowns, Grinspoon, and Bleeding Knees Club, as well as hooning around the country on tour, it’s fair to say punk-rockers VOIID have definitely had an impressive past 12 months.

Having dropped three huge singles that are full of angst-ridden lyrics, gritty guitars and heavy-hitting drums, the group have seemingly struck a chord with the Australian youth, and have justifiably been touted as one of the most promising up-and-coming bands in the country.

There’s no sign of thing slowing down in 2019 either, with the four-piece announcing their own ‘Sludge Sessions’ at The Foundry in Brisbane (info here), before they head on down to Mountain Sounds on the Central Coast in February (info here).

But what is the wild ride like from the inside? Check out our interview with Anji Greenwood, Kate McGuire, Antonia Hickey, and Jasmine Cannon below:

So we premiered your single ‘Twin’ about four months ago, what’s been happening with VOIID since then?

Since the release of ’Twin’ we’ve been spending our time working out our plans for the next couple of years. It seems that every time we release new music we learn a lot of new stuff about being a proper band, so this whole year has really just been a huge learning curve for us.

What’s been the highlight of 2018 so far?

The highlight of 2018 was definitely playing Groovin’ the Moo in Townsville. It was our first time playing a big boy festival, so we were really stoked we got added to the lineup. It was heaps of fun playing on a festival stage and we were really proud of how it went.

What Aussie bands are you listening to right now?

Bleeding Knees Club! They just released a new album and it’s so killer.

You’ve released a bunch of (awesome) singles this year. What’s coming up next? Any chance of a VOIID debut LP anytime soon?

We’ve been working on a bunch of new music, and the singles we’ve release this year are only the beginning of what’s yet to come. A debut LP is definitely something on the VOIID radar, but for the moment we’re looking at releasing another EP to get some fresh tunes out there early next year. 2019 is gonna be full of new music and we’re super keen for people to hear it.

What was it like touring with Clowns? What did you learn from them about life on the road?

Clowns are fucking rad. Hands down one of the best bands to tour with. Each show was so fun and full of energy, and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of people to tour with. Watching them play live each night really motivated us to work on the presence and flow of our own live performances. They’re super tight and engaging, and make such a great connection with the crowd. It’s really inspiring!

You’re clearly massive fans of 90’s grunge/metal/desert, but who has the best band shirt? And why is it the best?

All four of us own countless band shirts, so asking us to pick the best one is like having to choose a favourite child. A couple of highlights are probably Kate’s Pink Floyd shirt because she wore it to every show for a solid 6 month period, plus it’s a really unique shirt. Also Jas’ Babes in Toyland shirt, because we all love them.

Over the last decade or it seems that a fair share of Australia’s grunge/punk has been coming from the Brissy/Goldy area. Why do you think that is the case? Is there something in the water up there?

We’re not exactly sure why, but hey, maybe there is something in the water! That’s one thing we do love about the local music scene through, there’s a great deal of diversity and it’s really cool being able to play with bands that have a similar style to us!

You’ve got the VOIID Sludge Sessions coming up. Can you tell us what is going to be sludgey about them?

The shows are being held on January 12th — right in the heart of Queensland’s Summer. We’ve named them Sludge Sessions because we’re all well aware of how hot, humid and gross it’s going to be around that time of year. Don’t come for us, you’ve been warned.

What are you looking forward to in 2019?

The last couple of years have definitely been a period of growth for us as a band, and we’re really excited to ramp it up in 2019! We’re looking forward to releasing a bunch of new music, plus playing more festivals and bigger shows.

Words by Harry Webber December 4, 2018
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