Is Rihanna Announcing A 2018 Australian Tour Soon?
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While Drake is currently on the Australian leg of his Boy Meets World tour, it looks like his frequent collaborator (and sometimes love interest) Rihanna is about to announce some dates of her own.

Whether it’s fashion, beauty or the myriad of sonic styles she covers in her songs – from dancehall to R&B to pop – it’s hard to think of any artist who’s dominated their lanes with this much flair and confidence. Lately, she’s blessed DJ Khaled’s ‘Wild Thoughts’ with an infectious hook and made a rap-heavy cameo on ‘Lemon’ by the recently-resurrected N.E.R.D.

When RiRi released her ambitious album ANTIĀ in early 2016, Australians weren’t treated to the accompanying tour dates, meaning that her last visit took place in 2013 during the Diamonds tour.

Now, it’s being reported that the ultimate Bad Gal is getting ready for another Australian trip in 2018. The news was posted by outlet Whatslively, who said that “we got that Drake tour we asked for and we could be getting another huge tour pretty soon. Stay tuned and take care.” The not-so-subtle clue was accompanied by a comment that they’re “85% sure a RiRi tour is happening in 2018.”

Melbourne club YoYo has also taken to their Facebook page to report that a Rihanna tour is coming soon. This would be one hell of an announcement to finish off the year, and have us looking forward to a massive arena tour from one of this generation’s leading ladies. We’re hoping that we can hear ‘Man Down’ and ‘Love On The Brain’ at least seven times – stay tuned for more news regarding RiRi’s reported incoming arrival.

Words by Christopher Kevin Au November 13, 2017
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