Jamaica Rose Delivers Pure Pop Bliss on ‘Inner Love’
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Jamaica Rose provides more fuel for the dancefloor.

Having released her debut single ‘Cheating Me’ just a few weeks back, Perth-come-Sydney electro-pop singer Jamaica Rose is at it again with the equally as infections ‘Inner Love’. It’s impressive considering not only the calibre of the tracks but also that fact she only started writing them about a year ago as a way of giving her brain an outlet from her headnoise

‘Inner Love’, which is one of 33 songs she’s written, swaps emotively driven verses with sample-heavy choruses effortlessly. Here, Jamaica finds the sweet spot between heartfelt lyricism and danceable beats, delivering it in a way that will have you moving initially, but also leaves her words ringing in your head long after the track finishes.

“It represents the exact point in time that I put my foot down and realised that relying on other people for self-validation will only ever end up disappointing me. I wrote this song as a daily reminder that my own company is enough and that chasing boys that fail to respect me is a waste of my goddamn time,” Jamaica says of the track.

“I will probably listen to ‘Inner Love’ more than any of my audience members because it is a pep talk to myself from myself telling me to pick myself up and keep pushing on. If other girls get the same support in the lyrics that I do then it will Jamaican me thrilled.”

She’s not slowing down either, with two more singles AND a debut EP on the way before the end of the year. Just don’t expect her to be listening to the “same” Jamaica every time. “My mood changes like the wind and so too does the tone of each of my songs, I am giving my audience the key to the inner workings of my brain,” she says. Stay tuned

October 31, 2019
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