Kanye West Just Appointed Himself As The Head Of Adidas
Here we go again.
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Someone get this man off his Twitter…

Continuing his never-ending Twitter tirades, Kanye West took to the social media side over the weekend to declare himself the “head of Adidas”. He also outlined his plans to bring Adidas and Puma back together, while bringing himself and Jay-Z together as well.

Not mincing words at all, Kanye wrote “I am the head of adidas … I will bring adidas and puma back together and bring me and jay back together … all pumas designs are embarrassingly trash but I will personally design puma and adidas and make everything ok.”

Okay, I get his intentions are good, but the shot at Puma was just straight up savage and unnecessary. Puma and Adidas have a long history of heated competition, so no doubt the CEOs of both companies wouldn’t have been at all happy with the tweet. And we’re sure Jay-Z isn’t thrilled about being included as well, the Brooklyn-rapper keeping his disputes with Yeezy away from the public eye.

The tweet is just another entry in the extended Twitter-tirade Yeezy has been on, first insulting record labels, filming himself peeing on his grammy, posting his record contract online and attacking the chief content officer of Forbes. It’s pretty ridiculous, here’s hoping he manages to get off his Twitter soon.

September 21, 2020
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