King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Just Dropped Two New Tracks, So Listen In
No rest for the wicked.
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If you’re thinking you’ve had a busy year or how quickly this year has gone, spare a thought for the members of King Gizz.

Without a doubt the most prolific musicians on the planet right now, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard have dropped two more tracks ‘Beginners Luck’ and ‘All Is Known’ on social media today, completely out of the blue. This is on top of the four albums they’ve already put out this year and a huge touring schedule which included their own travelling psych circus Gizzfest, and it’s kind of make us feel a bit lazy…

‘Beginners Luck’ is a groovy Beatles-esque ballad filled with the caveats about gambling and riding the highs and lows of lady luck. It’s closer to the band’s more chilled collaboration with Mild High Club, Sketches From Brunswick East than the heavier material on Murder of the Universe.

‘All Is Known’ sounds a little bit more like the faster Gizz of Nonagon Infinity mixed with the Eastern scales of Flying Microtonal Banana, and comes with a tasty outro that will no doubt get some heads banging. Hold onto your hats though, the year isn’t over yet – so don’t be surprised if album number five (for the calendar year) hits the airwaves sometime very soon. We are ready:

Words by Harry Webber December 13, 2017
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