Kira Puru Drops Tasty Party Anthem ‘Molotov’
Shots fired.
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Keen for the weekend? Kira Puru’s ‘Molotov’ is the tune to get you there

You know when you hear a song that only takes a couple of minutes of listening before you’re singing long with it? Then, before you know it, you can’t get it out of your head? That’s pretty much how we feel about latest banger from explosive pop artist Kira Puru, who has once again got us looking forward to doing some serious dancing on the weekend.

‘Molotov,’ which is the follow-up from her massively popular single ‘Tension,’ sees Puru combine her trademark edgy vibes with some smooth production, funky upbeat drums and plenty of cheeky lrycism. “It speaks to the reality that I am – notoriously – almost always up for a good time,” says Puru of the track.

Kira Puru will be headlining a show at The Cambridge in Newcastle next Friday (info here) before heading down to Sydney for an appearance at Curve Ball Festival (info here), so be sure to grab a ticket and bring your dancing shoes.

Words by Harry Webber June 7, 2018
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