Mojo Juju Links Up With Joelistics For Fiery EP ‘Ghost Town’
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Words by Andy Kovacic //

Collaborative dreams are made of this.

Mojo Juju & Joelistics are diving into the deep with their haunting, electric EP GHOST TOWN, which spirits us away into a midnight fever. Vocal powerhouse Mojo Juju and multi-instrumentalist producer Joelistics have reunited as our OTP to spill more effortless hits. The new EP spins seven unapologetic tracks that smoothly tangle with the personal struggles of heartbreak, regret and outer animosity. It’s a jammy, gritty collaboration that’s produced some spellbinding beats bound to get your blood flowing.

This EP comes after Mojo Juju’s critically acclaimed track ‘Native Tongue’ that injected Australia with a much-needed dose of the reality behind cultural ruin and societal snubbery. Mojo reveals the motivation behind this new EP was a response to the agitation spurred by the release of ‘Native Tongue’ in the not so woke community.

“Despite all the positivity around the song, there have been times where it’s been hard not to tune into the haters. There were people who lashed out because were offended or confronted by it,” Mojo explains. “Some people questioned my authenticity and my motivations – like I didn’t have a right to tell my own story. That felt really toxic.”

In reply, their new leading single ‘Leave it all Behind’ is an emphatic reprisal that fosters a confidence we’ve not previously heard. It invites us to join hands with Mojo Juju’s appreciation for self-love and validation. The accompanying video clip is akin to an Australiana neo-noir flick, set in the juiced-up jungle of our red-eyed city streets.

Director Paul Van Kan has his own take on the clip, “You ever just feel so overwhelmed, you just get in your car and drive? A great escape, a break from it all – in a world that is increasing in interconnectedness and decreasing in anonymity is sometimes so hard to find.” This is exactly what the track does for us, giving us relief from everyday hysteria like an aimless drive down to beachy nirvana.

But there’s even more soul where that came from, the entire EP is doused in soft dripping chords of R&B, hip-hop and velvety electronica. So, catch an earful of Mojo Juju & Joelistics diverse tunes and get swinging.

November 29, 2019
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