Newcastle’s RAAVE TAPES Deliver Three Minutes Of Pure Energy With ‘stabs’
No stopping them.
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RAAVE TAPES’ fine form continues.

Following on from last year’s energetic single ‘SUDS’, Newcastle trio RAAVE TAPES have returned with an equally exuberant (and similarly pluralised) new tune, ‘stabs’. Coming in at just over three minutes, ‘stabs’ is another genre-hopping tune from the group, who somehow make dance beats work with wailing punk vocals and a spacey chorus. But hey, anyone who knows RAAVE TAPES will know that they’ve been master sound-melders for quite some time.

The track, which features new bass player Lindsay O’Connell on vocal duty for the first time, intends to capture the rush of thoughts that go through your mind when you’re copping the spotlight. “We’re aiming to convey the emotions that cloud your judgment in that anxiety-inducing moment. It centres on the feeling of being exposed and how it’s possible to internalise and misrepresent the glances and proverbial ‘daggers’ that get thrown in your way”, vocalist/guitarist Joab Eastley says if the track.

Much like the tune’s effortless frankensteining of genres, the clip is part Where’s Wally and part arthouse, with plenty of cheeky moments in between. There’s also loads of Newcastle landmarks in there too, can you spot them all?

RAAVE TAPES will be performing at The Hills Are Alive festival in South Gippsland, Victoria (info here), and stay tuned for their forthcoming EP which will be hitting ears mid 2019.


Words by Harry Webber March 11, 2019
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