Oliver Tree Releases New Single, Confirms Album Release Date, Has Balls On Chin
More questions than answers.
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The enigmatic singer-songwriter is a social media mastermind.

Last week US electro-pop singer and all-round oddball, Oliver Tree, demanded his 1.4 million Instagram followers leave two million comments on a post if they wanted him to release his new single ‘Bury Me Alive’. This follows him previously stating that his record had been cancelled and that his world tour would be his last, before going on to re-announce that Ugly Is Beautiful will be available June 12th.

It’s this kind of madness that has left his fans begging for more and built his follower base exponentially. But is it the work of a temperamental artist? A marketing genius? A joker-like meddler? Or perhaps all three? Well as you can see from our interview with him, it can be a little tricky to get a straight answer.

One thing we can say for sure though: is he has prosthetic balls on his chin in his new music video – a video that, for the record, was released as soon as he hit the two million comments. Are we the balls here? Dangling idly from the chin of this once-in-a-lifetime artist? Or perhaps we are the camera; a witness to something we will never understand? Who knows… Who cares… Check it below and head here to pre-order Ugly Is Beautiful.


Words by Harry Webber May 27, 2020
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