This Parody Video Shows You What It’s Like To Go Clubbing In Sydney
Accurate or nah?
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Let’s get one thing clear: We spend basically our entire lives photographing inside clubs or on dancefloors and we love it – but sometimes, all you can do is laugh.

A new parody video has gained massive traction online, displaying what it’s like to go clubbing at various venues across Sydney. They work their way through some of the hotspots in Kings Cross, Oxford Street, CBD and Darling Harbour, and if you’ve spent a night out in Sydney, then you might have undergone one of these experiences.

Currently sitting at almost half a million views, it seems that Sydneysiders are finding humour in the situation, despite the lockout laws continuing to severely limit our nightlife options. Accurate or nah? Watch on below:

December 7, 2017
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