Peking Duk Are Opening Their Own Bar In Melbourne, Very Soon
Down for some beverages.
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Need a new watering hole in Melbourne? Peking Duk have you covered.

The dance duo recently performed at the State of Origin down in Melbourne, and have more news coming for residents of the fair city – announcing that on top of crafting electronic heaters, they’ll be opening their own bar named ‘Talk To Me’ in the Prahran/South Yarra area.

Speaking on the bar’s origins, Adam Hyde told Pedestrian.TV that “we were getting drunk every time we’re in Melbourne – we would go to this bar and we were like, ‘I reckon we could make this place a little better’, and then we actually just bought it.”

“We’re reshaping it at the moment, and turning it into a little fun haven for people to get naughty at.”

“I just recently moved to Melbourne, and I live around that area, and I just noticed how booming it is – it’s such a good vibe around there… We’ll be throwing parties there a lot and doing some cool stuff with other artists. We’re just going to make it a really fun place,” he continued.

“It’ll be like a playground for artists.”

Hyde says that they’ve teamed up with a friend with “heaps of years of bar experience” for the venture, with Talk To Me set to open its doors in September. We’re guessing that the DJ roster here is gonna be pretty slick, but we’ll have to wait a few more months to see for ourselves.

June 8, 2018
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