Powderfinger Are Reforming For ‘One Night Lonely’ Next Weekend
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The iconic Aussie rockers are coming together for a charity performance 7PM AEST, Saturday 23 May on their YouTube channel.

One of the shiniest silver linings from the COVID pandemic has been the way people have come together to help others and raise money for charity, much like the bushfires, it shows that disaster can bring people together. And if there’s one collection of people that we’re happy to have come together (see what I did there?) it’s Powderfinger, who have today announced they’ll be dropping an exclusive live performance next weekend.

Yes, you read that correctly, the almighty grunge-flavoured rockers from Brisbane will be performing together for the first in a decade, streamed to wherever you happen to have your phone or computer. The band is using the opportunity to raise money for Beyond Blue and support act too.

“The five of us have been meeting regularly over the past few months to organise some Odyssey Number 5 anniversary releases. The idea came up of playing together again in this unusual format which we all thought would be fun. The past few months has been a very strange time for us all and difficult days for many. We really just want to bring a smile to some people’s faces and along the way raise some funds to help our music industry mates and people who are currently experiencing mental health issues,” said the band.

Donate below and stay dive into Powderfinger on Spotify (here) for a little reminder of why these guys are considered one of the best we’ve ever produced.



All donations will be split evenly between Beyond Blue and Support Act

Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service – 1800 512 348 or visit coronavirus.beyondblue.org.au

Support Act Wellbeing Helpline – for artists, crew and music workers –
#1800 959 500. Or visit supportact.org.au

Words by Harry Webber May 14, 2020
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