Premiere: 100 Deliver Raw And Melancholy Post-Punk On Track ‘Groove’
The real deal.
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The Inner-West four-piece offer more evidence as to why they are one of Sydney’s most underrated bands.

Creating something that feels raw, yet fragile, and still packs an energetic punch is no mean feat. Good post-punk music is all about finding the right balance between emotive melodies and a gritty engine that sounds like it could nearly break down at anytime. That’s exactly what has been achieved on 100’s epic new track ‘Groove.’

Compared to the rambling hooks and wailing guitars of debut single ‘If I Give Myself,’ ‘Groove’ offers more restrain and tenseness, with co-frontman Jaryd Lee taking the reins vocally and delivering a performance that is loaded with angst and vulnerability. Lyrically the track centres around the notion of self doubt. “[It] reflects a second guessing of oneself while in the midst of being toyed around by another,” Jaryd says.

We can only imagine how good this track would sound up close and live too. A wall of distorted guitars and pulsing bass but with percussion that is more pop-rock than hard rock, would surely warrant a physical response more akin to the songs namesake than a headbanging session. It’s the track of a band that know each other’s strengths and just how to amplify them.

‘Groove’ is taken from 100’s forthcoming EP Cortison which is being launched next Friday, the 19th of October at the Chippo with Moody Beach and Life After Football (event here), and you really don’t want to miss out on this one.

Words by Harry Webber October 10, 2018
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