Premiere: Andy Ward Drops His Rousing Electronic Protest Anthem ‘Gun Shy’
With a launch show in Brisbane next month.
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Having caused quite the stir with his debut single ‘Let me Down’ earlier this year, Brisbane multi-instrumentalist Andy Ward rises to the occasion once more with a rousing protest anthem in ‘Gun Shy.’

Having studied at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and spent nights busking at Queen Street Mall, Andy Ward is a man who’s played on all ends of the sonic spectrum – and it certainly shows in his catalogue thus far, where he handles ambitious electronic soundscapes, his own vocals and live instruments honouring his love of rock. That all comes together in ‘Gun Shy,’ where he looks to give a voice to the growing frustrations of a younger generation who are often accused of being spoilt avocado addicts. As Ward himself explains:

“Our generation is currently under fire for being liberally minded lazy, smashed avo eating lay-abouts who won’t do anything if it’s too challenging. This could not be further from the truth! We will not leave, we will not be made scapegoats and we will stand up for justice, liberty and harmony. We are not Gun Shy!”

Crisp percussion gives life to the song’s spirit of dissent, with Ward’s vocals building into a stirring sing-a-long hook where his concerns are brought to life with colour. Despite all of his rapid accolades earned this year, Ward is still yet to play a live show, but will making his first mark onstage on August 27 in his hometown of Brisbane. His show at The Foundry will combine his textured tracks with 3D graphics that bring cohesion to his vision, in what is the first of what we’re guessing will be many headline shows with Ward.

Listen to ‘Gun Shy’ first below, and grab tickets to the first Andy Ward show right here:

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Words by Christopher Kevin Au July 13, 2017
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