Premiere: BoysnLove Take Revenge With New Track ‘You’re So Gross’
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Sydney four-piece BoysnLove ain’t afraid to let you know what they’re thinking.

There’s something quite admirable about songwriters who tell you what they are feeling straight up. When you practically need a degree in literature to decipher an artist’s lyrics that are are wrapped up in a million metaphors, you miss out on the honesty and rawness that only comes from shooting straight. It’s that directness the BoysnLove have nailed on their sophomore single ‘You’re So Gross’.

Singer Annie-Rose Collis doesn’t hold back, using graphic lyrics when describing a former lover. “The cockroach imagery is intended to signify the memories of lost love that tend to creep in when it’s dark and you’re lying awake in the bed you used to share with your partner, the bedroom later in the song to be memorialised as the ‘graveyard of our love, no wonder it’s alive with grubs,’” Annie says.

Musically the song maintains just the right kind of energy – you know, the kind that you can sing along to, whilst having a little boogie – and Annie’s vocals prove to be incredibly infectious. Just be careful to avoid singing it out loud in public today, as you might get some weird looks.

You can catch BoysnLove playing with Georgia Mulligan November 16th at Midnight Sun in Ultimo (info here), and they’ll be launching ‘You’re So Gross’ at Waywards in Newtown December 11th (info here)


Words by Harry Webber November 9, 2018
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