Premiere: BREIZERS Hit Us Hard With Chaotic Funk Track ‘Now In Hi-Def’
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The Sydney lads are overflowing with energy.

Regular attendees of Sydney rock/psych shows will be familiar with Inner-West outfit BREIZERS. They’re the kind of band that you don’t forget easily. Complete with slap bass playing that would make Flea proud, relentless drumming, and no shortage of fuzz-soaked riffs, the trio build a wall of sound that feels like it should be coming from a small orchestra. And their new single ‘Now In Hi-Def’ is the perfect example of what they are capable of.

The track hits you right in the guts from the get-go, as bass player John Tyerman sets the tone with some mesmerising slapping, before drummer Lucas Cavanagh and guitarist Mason Mackenzie Wood swoop down and lock into the groove. Taking us through wailing highs and funky troughs, whilst never dipping in vigour, it took a few listens before we realised there are no vocals – and with musicianship at this level, they clearly don’t need it.

“The release of ‘Now In Hi-Def’ is setting a benchmark for ourselves, and the name of the single is as much a reflection of where we are going as a band and what we are setting out to achieve as it is strange coincidence; we are now in high definition,” Lucas says.

“We are BREIZERS and this is the music we’re making and feel so strongly about to show to Australia and beyond. We’ve played roughly 110 gigs in three years, with BREIZERS Are Now In Hi-Def being our fifth East Coast tour, and as a result of that an attitude and sound that is far more developed and mature from what people in these past three years have heard us play.”

You can catch BREIZERS playing a run of shows in support of ‘Now In Hi-Def’ this March – info here. Trust us you won’t want to miss it! And stay tuned for the video ‘Now In Hi-Def’ video which is getting premiered by Clipped at Golden Age Cinema next Tuesday.

Words by Harry Webber March 13, 2019
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