Premiere: FROYO Deliver Sweet Synth-Pop & ‘Breakfast Club’ Visuals On ‘Darling’
Classic classroom antics.
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Words by Christopher Kevin Au

FROYO are a band consisting of four mates who met during their musical studies in Sydney, and today they’ve delivered a testament to their classroom days in the video for ‘Darling.’

First of all, great band name. Who doesn’t like frozen yoghurt? Remember this classic scene from The Simpsons about frozen yoghurt? Of course you do. Delivering sweet synth pop with a distinct taste of the 80s, FROYO provide just the kind of sonic timewarp that’ll transport you back to decades past, filled with neon spray jackets and sneaker colour co-ordination to match. After all, it’s 2017 and nostalgia is in full swing – people just paid thousands of dollars to attend a festival hosted by Ja Rule and headlined by Blink 182.

Having picked up plenty of traction from Triple J, FROYO continue the tradition with ‘Darling’ – recreating a scene from a John Hughes film and soundtracking it with their slick vocals and gliding instrumentals. It feels like The Breakfast Club with better music and choreographed dancing, all delivered with a retro tint. The description for this track states that ‘Darling’ is “primed to soundtrack your next trip to the skate rink.” May we also suggest playing this track when you’re driving along the coast during sunset in a convertible or holding hands with your significant other while rollerblading? Vibes are high.

Watch ‘Darling’ below and feel the power of pop music, just like your parents did before they succumbed to the financial pressures of being an adult in a capitalist society:

May 11, 2017
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