Premiere: Girl York Deliver Infectious Indie-Rock Jam ‘Dandies’
A tasty collage.
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Packed with gritty guitars and spacey vocals, Girl York’s ‘Dandies’ is the fuzz-pop track we need right now.

After showing us that they are more than capable of masterfully melding 90’s grunge with bouncy indie-pop on their track ‘Heroine,’ Perth three-piece Girl York are back at again with ‘Dandies,’ the second single from their forthcoming sophomore EP, Dreaming In 505.

‘Dandies’ is succinct collage of all the good parts of the 80’s/90s, with the band effortlessly combining elements of post-punk, grunge and alternative pop in a way that somehow manages to get you moving, headbanging and singing along at the same time. Seriously, it’ll only take a couple of listens before you’re joining in with the chorus or humming the keyboard lines without realising.

Lyrically the track focuses on the all too sweet honeymoon period in a relationship. “The song is a montage of the time spent between a couple on holiday. The genuine happiness of the present and that rose coloured confidence, the feeling that everything is going to just great forever,” vocalist, Shaun Martin says.

No news on shows right now, but let’s hope Girl York will be hitting the road soon. Maybe we should start a petition to get ‘Dandies’ over to the East Coast? Yeah?

Words by Harry Webber August 9, 2018
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