Premiere: Get Groovy With Velvet Trip’s ‘All My Life I Was 12 Ft Tall, And I Told My Tales Just The Same’
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Strap yourself in, Velvet Trip are taking off.

Purveyors of delightfully addictive psych-blues, Sydney’s Velvet Trip have today returned with ‘All My Life I Was 12 Ft Tall, And I Told My Tales Just The Same’, the third single from their forthcoming EP Velvet Trip & The Six Moon Skies. It’s six minutes of pure energy that will somehow have you pining for the days of free love, groovy gigs, and day trips – even if you were nowhere near a living human being during the ‘60s.

Frontman Zeppelin Hamilton’s vocals set the tone from the get-go; “Tell my mama and my papa the reaper came for me,” he sings in the opening few seconds of the track that is lyrically an ode to his mortality. It happens just before we are locked into a formidable groove from the band’s relentless rhythm section. Around the halfway mark they take us into a dreamy bridge with keyboardist Sinj Clarke reminding us just what acid sounds like through his delicate ivory (or plastic) tickling.

As you would expect from the band, who are notorious around Sydney for a cutting loose with huge jams, the tune came about pretty organically. “When Clay and I first jammed, it was just the two of us, and we had only met once before. We actually didn’t speak to each other the whole session. I was already in there playing guitar, he was late and quietly set up around me, eventually joining in and shaping the song,” Zeppelin says. “We went out the front and smoked a joint together and got pretty deep on life. I went home and wrote the lyrics that night.”

Rumour has it that there’s a Velvet Trip tour just around the corner and that debut EP can’t be far off, so keep your ears pricked for news and follow them on Facebook here.

Words by Harry Webber March 8, 2019
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