Premiere & Interview: Zeahorse Drop Heavy New Track ’20 Nothing’
Your cheeky first listen here.
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Lords of the Aussie heavy rock scene, Zeahorse give us the first taste of their forthcoming album.

Having watched countless musical trends blow in and out of Sydney over the years, Zeahorse have been a beacon of constancy. You know what you’re getting from the four-piece every time you see them or listen to them – gritty grunge tunes with semi-sarcastic social commentary – and it’s the reason you keep going back for more.

‘20 Nothing’ is the Zeahorse’s first new music since 2016’s epic Torana Dreamin and sees the band slow things down a little while still keeping it heavy. Singer Morgan Anthony’s vocals rain down over dry guitars and a rhythm section that somehow sounds both chaotically textured and spacey at the same time.

There’s a certain cynicism in the lyrics that we have come to expect from the group, as Morgan roars, “I’m ready to party online, so many empty streets and auctions signs, oh my god I love my phone, why would you wanna go out when you can dress up and stay at home.” It encapsulates the sentiment of Sydney’s locked out generation, while also highlighting apathy and indifference of the youth. Clearly so much more than heavy jams, we can certainly trust in Zeahorse to show us that there’s nothing mindless about headbanging.

Expect to be hearing about some shows and a sexy new video for ‘20 Nothing’ real soon, and check out our interview with member Morgan below:

You guys have been playing shows for 8 or so years now. How are you feeling about the state of the Sydney live music scene at the moment, and how has the scene changed?

Haha. Eight years, geez – can’t wait for our 10th anniversary lol. The Sydney scene has always been pretty segregated in that you have a couple of little movements going on which are supported by a few small labels. The big change has been the lockouts, I’m sure everyone’s pretty sick of talking about it, but there used to be so many venues to play at.

It’s definitely made the scene a little more competitive, most of the suitable (for us) venues are booked out for three months, but on the other hand it doesn’t effect us that much cause we only play once every 3 months. I don’t get out as much as I used to but my new faves are Spike Vincent, Party Dozen, Cody Munro Moore and 100.

‘20 Nothing’ sounds like a bit of a tongue-in-cheek ode to peoples 20s, what’s the motivation behind the lyrics of the song?

Pretty spot on there, it’s a tongue-in-cheek stab at myself really. For me it’s much harder to write lyrics about myself as opposed to writing about everything but myself. This time around, with this record, I’m trying to look inward and at myself. It’s dark but quite therapeutic.

The song is a little slower than the singles from ‘Torana,’ is that an indication of what is to come on the album?

Sure is! We’re four songs in now, and it’s all sounding very sludgy. It’s probably heading back to what we were doing on ‘Pools’ but a lot heavier.

Tell us about the direction/concept behind the new album?

It’s about self image. It’s about how we live with ourselves and the mistakes we make. It’s about how I see myself and my rubber arms.

When is the album due out?

We don’t have a release date yet, unfortunately. Hopefully this year but it’s hard to say cause we don’t have a label to push us into making decisions. Money is the big issue which means we have to figure out how to press the record without sending ourselves into debt.

What can you tell us about the video for ‘20 Nothing’?

It stars an incredible queen from Melbourne, ‘Racey Grimshaw.’

Words by Harry Webber February 9, 2018
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