Premiere: J. Flyger Drops The Melancholy ‘Not My Problem’
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UK based artist J. Flyger delivers the second taste from his debut EP Luck with the heartfelt ‘Not My Problem.’

Whilst his noirish indie band Popstrangers is dormant, frontman Joel Flyger has been busy working on new material from his base in Margate, UK and homeland of New Zealand. The result is his debut solo EP Luck which, if single ‘Tomi Honda’ and today’s release ‘Not My Problem’ are anything to go by, shows that Flyger hasn’t lost his ability to masterfully produce his signature gloomy-pop earworms.

‘Not My Problem’ sees Flyger incorporate drum machines and dreary synths that provide the messy, yet pretty backdrop to his raw, Ian Curtis-esque vocals. When listening to the track, you can picture him singing the song to the last remaining couple on the dancefloor of a high school prom as balloons and streamers lay lifeless around them.

Writing the the track was more of a game of trial and error however. “I wrote the song on a borrowed drum machine while I was staying at my sisters house and kind of free-styled the lyrics over top of the bass line and then forgot about the song for a few months,” Flyger says.

“When I went back and opened the files again I couldn’t come up with lyrics or a melody that worked better. I even tried to re-record the vocal singing the same thing but nothing worked like the first one.”

Luck is due out later on in June and, whilst we’re eagerly awaiting it, it’s hard to imagine we will be able to get ‘Not My Problem’ out of our heads any time before then.


Words by Harry Webber June 5, 2018
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