Premiere: The Million Get An 8-Bit Makeover In Epic Video For ‘Check Up’
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The Sydney-based trio have teamed up with animator Meryl Jocktane for the throwback visuals.

With their latest single ‘Check Up’ having dropped a month or so ago, and fans still bopping to the tune’s infectiously smooth vocals and laidback ethos, The Millon have today shared an accompanying video – and it’s quite the doozy. The best part is, you don’t even need to insert a coin to have a turn of this one.

Constructed by French animator Meryl Jocktane, who’s previously worked with The Internet and Glass Animals, the video clip features those nostalgic 8-bit graphics made famous by the likes of Kairosoft and Habbo Hotel back in the ‘90s. Following digital versions of the band’s Jacob, Jay and Tamon as they play ‘the game’ AKA the music industry, the visuals gel perfectly with the tune’s upbeat vibes and will surely have you rummaging through the cupboards (or eBay) looking for that Game Boy.

“Even though we haven’t been able to be together in the harsh circumstances, it was great to work with each other over video chat and Meryl across the world to put together the music video,” The Million says. “We all love playing video games – it brings us together and gives us a chance to forget about the outside world. It was a lot of fun sneaking in some references from our journey through music blended with some things we’ve always found funny about the industry.”

“The visual was influenced by web community games, while being old school these kinds of games never really go out of date and it’s always fun to give them a new twist, it gave me unlimited freedom of design and plenty of inspiration!” Meryl Jocktane says.

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Words by Harry Webber May 28, 2020
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