Premiere: Prepare To Get Knocked Out By Hoon’s Thrashy Number, ‘Partner In Crime’
Hoonfest happening this weekend.
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Having taken a break after a busy year of shows, Hoon are back to remind you that they aren’t dead… yet.

Taking their own bookings, management, music, and art into their own hands, Wollongong punks Hoon are a shining example of where dedication (and talent) can get you. After spending a big chunk of early 2018 touring their self-produced album Hoon, the DIY lords have returned in typical fashion – with their own festival, an upcoming EP, and a chaotic new single ‘Partner In Crime’.

The tune is three and a half minutes unrelenting guitars, psychotic vocals, and pummeling drums – it’s we imagine it would sound like if Shellac, The Sex Pistols, and Refused had a demented lovechild. Lyrically the track centres around the vicious cycles of drug and alcohol abuse, and the fragility of users.

“Partner In Crime is a minor social commentary about individual decline through substance abuse,” frontman Daniel Breda explains. “Typically, almost always when in a vulnerable state, family or companionship is needed for people to obtain a release from the security of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, this is rarely often met with support, which leads to the inevitable demise and separations in families. People become unworthy, unwanted, distanced from their actual desires and bask in what’s become familiar.”

You can catch Hoon playing tomorrow night at Waywards in Newtown with Julia Why?, Viral Eye’s, and Decapitators (info here). They’ll also be headlining their own mini-festival at UoW Uni Bar on Friday night with Space Boys, Homewrecker, Lotus Lake, and more (info here).

Words by Harry Webber January 9, 2019
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