Premiere: Stupid Baby Deliver Deliciously Dark Debut ‘Feline’
Sucked us right in.
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Are you familiar with Stupid Baby? You probably should be.

Having supported acts like The Chats, The Smith Street Band, Pist Idiots, Skegss, Ocean Alley and Polish Club, we’ve been wondering for a while about when we would be hearing some music from Central Coast four-piece Stupid Baby. Finally, that wait is over and we can bask in the noirish brilliance of their debut tune ‘Feline’.

Reminiscent of the PJ Harvey/Josh Homme double vocals on Desert Sessions Vol. 9&10, the group takes us down a dark and broody, yet sonically lush path, with Liz Drummond and Jake Dobson exuding an inescapable chemistry. Bass-heavy, the track sways between groovy verses and shoegazey choruses with Drummond hypnotising throughout.

“We felt ‘Feline’ was a good introduction to what’s to come from Stupid Baby. We wrote it pretty quickly in the room together, starting with the riff,” Drummond says. “The lyrics were fairly stream of consciousness between Jake and I, which we liked. We wanted to hone in on the dual vocal thing, and for all the parts of this song to be driving, and alluding to some kind of intense relationship dynamic. It’s probably one of the moodier, darker Stupid Baby songs”.

Listening to it (it’s been on repeat in our offices) the only thing we’re thinking is how bloody huge this is going sound live. We won’t have to wait long to see it either, the band are hitting Rolling Sets Festival this month (info here).

January 16, 2020
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