Premiere: Ultracrush Drop Debut Dream Pop Single ‘Swimming’
Get familiar.
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‘Swimming’ is the floaty bit of indie-pop you need on a breezy Spring afternoon.

Having popped up on social media a few weeks ago, Sydney five-piece Ultracrush are clearly fans of getting things right before sharing it with the world. The group, who formed in 2017, have stuck to a DIY ethos that has seen them borrowing recording gear from mates, using whatever spaces they can get their hands on, multiple re-recordings and a lot of learning on the job.

Today, we have the result of their laboured process in the form of their debut track ‘Swimming.’ It’s three minutes of slacker guitars, airy vocals and ethereal lyricism which proves that good things come to those who wait. Ultracrush have an ability to dip between tempos in a way that feels so naturalistic, you barely notice it happen as you sway along and absorb a bassline or vocal melody. The group have set a standard high for what is to come next.

You can catch Ultracrush launching ‘Swimming’ at Cobra Club at the Bank in Newtown September 25th, with supports from Kevin Stathis (of Shady Nasty) and The Mothers Club – info here.

Words by Harry Webber September 13, 2018
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